5 reasons why you should care about candidate experience – and how to enhance recruitment through feedback

In today’s competitive job market, candidate experience can be a differentiating factor. Organisations that prioritise candidate experience and create a seamless, painless recruitment journey are more likely to attract and retain high-quality candidates. A poor candidate experience, on the other hand, can put potential candidates off and harm your ability to secure top talent.

Seventy-two percent of job seekers report sharing their negative candidate experiences online and in 2022 49% declined a job offer due to poor experience. Candidate experience is pivotal in shaping a company’s employer brand – and in whether a candidate decides to accept an offer. Candidate experience surveys are a valuable tool for you to gather feedback, identify areas of improvement and craft a positive recruitment journey.

Candidate experience surveys aren’t just about gaining competitive advantage in talent acquisition: here are a few more reasons to start using them today – and how Starred can get you started:

1. They give you insight into the hiring process

Candidate experience surveys give you a look inside the hiring process from the candidate’s perspective. They can help you understand how candidates perceive and experience their recruitment process, including areas of strength and those that need improvement. You need to understand how candidates experience the process, because 81% say a positive experience influences their decision to accept an offer.

Automating survey distribution makes it easy to send surveys to candidates at specific touchpoints during the recruitment process. Starred can trigger surveys after a candidate reaches significant points in the journey, such as completing an application, participating in an interview or receiving a job offer.

2. They can enhance your employer brand

Candidates who have a good experience are more likely to share their positive impressions with others, including friends and colleagues and online. This positive word of mouth can attract top talent and improve your organisation’s reputation in the job market.

With Starred you can customise survey themes, tone of voice and branding, creating a consistent and branded experience that aligns with your organisation’s image.

3. They provide feedback for process improvement

Candidates are just as likely to turn down a job offer after a negative experience as they are if the package doesn’t meet their expectations. Candidate experience surveys provide valuable feedback on many aspects of the hiring process, such as application procedures, interview processes, communication and overall candidate engagement. This feedback helps you identify pain points and areas for improvement so you can refine your recruitment strategies and deliver a more seamless and candidate-focused experience.

Feedback from Starred comes through multiple channels in real time so you can capture candid and timely responses from candidates. This lets you reach candidates through their preferred channels and gather feedback conveniently and efficiently – and promptly address any issues or concerns. You can even immediately reach out to dissatisfied candidates before they share their experience.

4. They can help make your approach more candidate-centric

Focusing on candidate experience demonstrates that your organisation values the candidates’ time, effort and experience throughout the hiring process. This approach can put an extra shine on your brand – not just with candidates but also with existing employees, customers and other stakeholders.

Starred surveys are designed to be personalised and engaging – resulting in the highest response rate in the market. Use our mobile-optimised surveys for candidates to provide feedback on-the-go.

5. They enable data-driven decision-making

Candidate experience surveys provide quantifiable, analysable data that can identify trends and patterns. A data-driven approach allows you to make informed decisions and implement targeted improvements based on real feedback from candidates.

Starred’s robust analytics and reporting capabilities provide you with actionable insights from the survey responses. Get a comprehensive understanding of candidate sentiment, identify trends and pinpoint areas of improvement to guide your decision-making process and help you improve the overall candidate experience.

Starred integrates with popular ATS (applicant tracking systems) platforms with no need for coding, allowing seamless data synchronisation between systems. This integration ensures a smooth feedback collection process and provides a holistic view of candidate feedback within your recruitment workflow.

Transform your recruitment process and attract top talent by prioritising candidate experience with Starred’s surveys, gaining valuable insights, enhancing your employer brand, and making data-driven decisions for a seamless and candidate-centric journey. Please email tech@hellokindred.com for more information.