HR Indaba Network Webinar – Will Hiring Robots And AI Be The Future Of Recruitment?

HR Indaba Network Webinar: THE BIG QUESTION: Will Hiring Robots And AI Be The Future Of Recruitment?

Advancing Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology is rapidly changing the Talent Acquisition (TA) landscape, year on year – but what will it mean for human TA teams in the future? We bring a panel of technology experts and industry insiders together to unpack the impact ‘AI joining the workforce’ will have on future TA roles…

Discussion Overview:

As AI enters the workforce, the crucial question is not whether this will affect recruitment roles but rather, how? The debate on AI’s future role in TA is fast gaining momentum. What will this future landscape look like? And how should TA leaders foster a cohesive working relationship between humans and machines? The answer is simple. The answer is a Superteam.

In A Nutshell:

A Superteam allows both people and AI machines to work together in a seamless work environment that successfully strives to gain insights, offer complex solutions, and create value. This is what the evolution of AI’s advancement brings to the world of work.

Surprisingly, just 59% of organisations are in agreement that a shift in their jobs and team structure is essential to integrate AI technologies for business success, while only 7% are actually ready to implement these changes.[1] Yet looking back over the past year, it’s evident that our workplace integrates with AI technology more than ever before. AI is certainly our new ‘colleague’, and one that’s here to stay.

What then, does this mean for our jobs? Are we competing with the serial nominee for employee of the month?

The answer? Not necessarily.

The introduction of AI into the TA workforce should be symbiotic. There is undoubtedly, a need for both robotic and human skills and the key is nailing the perfect blend of the two. By integrating AI strategies into their teams, businesses allow for their staff to be more productive and efficient in their innate skills, while leaving the machines to do what they do best. TA roles need to adapt to augment and collaborate with AI, rather than AI substituting humans altogether.

In this webinar, brought to you by TalentSmith Technology, Heidi Kornmuller, Head of Human Resources at Coronation Fund Managers, Ndivhu Nepfumbada, HR Director: Africa at TransUnion, and Jo Blake, Group Lead Talent Acquisition at Absa, chat about AI Symbiosis: how complimenting human performance will advance productivity, efficiency, and value. International speaker, Walter Hueber, CEO of Cammio Video Recruitment will look at job trends and how Superteams are shaping the workforce.

Key Takeaways For The CHRO Community:

In this webinar we’ll address key issues with the experts, including:

  • Human Skills: why these will always be valued
  • TA Roles: why adaption is key
  • AI Symbiosis: how complimenting human performance will advance productivity, efficiency, and value
  • The New World: sourcing, screening, and assessing with Superteams
  • Transformation: it’s time for mindsets to align with augmented candidate experience and human skill collaboration

Interested? Register For This Webinar:

Date: 21st April

Time: 11:00 – 12:00

Platform: Zoom

What To Expect:

Welcome by CHRO

Walter Hueber presentation on AI trends and Superteams

Panel discussion between technology experts & industry insiders

Floor opens for questions

[1] Source: Deloitte Insights, Erica Vollini, 15 May 2020