Back to Business.

Businesses are facing more unknowns than ever as many enter a world with the workforce divided between office and home for the foreseeable future. One thing we do know is that there is new way of working and it is one that will introduce new business challenges – like ensuring employees are being effective and safe while staying informed of company updates.

TalentSmith Technology and our technology partner Enboarder have simplified this process for you by creating a best practice solution, which is fully customisable to your business and provides an experience-driven reboarding and work from home program for your employees.

Our out-the-box solution covers the key areas that businesses need to focus on in this new world.

Manage the transition of your employees returning to work with experience-driven Reboarding.

Ensure your teams are safe and informed on changes in workplace Health and Safety processes and policies.

Efficiently coordinate the rotation and scheduling of your teams between home and the workplace.

Create a human connection when onboarding remotely.

Stay connected to your people through times of anxiety, stress and layoffs with health and wellbeing support.

Promote moments of engagement between managers and teams working remotely keeping people productive and engaged.

Understand the impact and plan corrective actions through employee engagement pulse surveys.

Effectively coordinate and communicate changes in technology enablement, OH&S & facilities management to ensure ongoing operations.

Automate and personalise your offboarding to deliver a positive farewell with engaging and relevant content.

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