Collaborative Hiring – Teamwork makes the dream work

Employees are the most valuable asset of your organisation. It is therefore very important to find new employees that fit your team and expectations. As you know, this can be quite difficult. In most companies, recruiting new employees is carried out by one single person or a recruitment team. That seems pretty straightforward, but have you ever thought about including future teammates in your recruitment process? Imagine people with a wide range of functions doing (video)interviews with potential future teammates, reviewing candidates and providing their feedback on applicants. This sounds good, but what are the exact benefits? Let me explain why you should start with collaborative hiring today!

Better cultural fit

A strong cultural fit has many benefits to your company, such as productivity, better performance and lower staff turnover. First of all, your company culture is not determined by just one person. It relates to the company as a whole. Every single employee has their own view on the company culture. Only one person conducting all the job interviews can lead to a cultural misfit. However, when including colleagues from the candidate’s future team, recruiters will get diverse and wide-ranging perspectives on the candidate’s personality, skills, and interests. This thorough picture of a candidate leads to a higher chance of hiring cultural fits. Moreover, the candidate gets the chance to meet more people from across the company, so he/she will get a glimpse of the culture during the interviews with multiple people. This ensures that any new hire fits well within the team and automatically, this will lead to a decrease in the risk of bad hires.

| Side effect of collaborative hiring: new hires will already know lots of colleagues, which makes their onboarding easier and smoother! |

Reduce unconscious bias

If that isn’t enough, think about the blind spots and decisions made on ‘gut feeling’ that could easily be ignored if one person is responsible for the hiring process. Nowadays, lots of companies are focusing on diversity in their recruitment process. A study by StepStone revealed that this topic is also a decisive factor on candidates’ wish lists: 77 % of participants stated that they were more likely to apply at an organisation that presents itself as being open, tolerant and diverse. Collaborative hiring can help you reduce the impact of unconscious bias and can help improve diversity. Why? Because as more voices are added to your recruitment process, a wider range of opinions will be heard. Although every person involved in the recruitment process might have their own biases, collaborative hiring improves the transparency of the hiring process. Using video recruitment can help your company to de-bias your hiring process. This leads to a higher level of evaluation of potential candidates. Therefore, recruiters will view candidates from multiple perspectives and obtain a more complete assessment. This limits the impact of unconscious bias when addressing potential candidates.

| Side effect of collaborative hiring: when asking current employees to participate in the recruitment process of new colleagues, they will feel valued by the company. This leads to a motivated workplace and improves employee retention. |

Why video interviewing is a perfect tool for collaborative hiring

I am sure you are now convinced that collaborative hiring is the future! It’s time to review your recruitment process and start including more people. To efficiently do so, it is important to include others in the process from the very beginning. This way, your teammates will know what is expected of them, they will feel more engaged and included and can easily participate later in the process. For example, decide on the hiring criteria and characteristics of the ideal candidate together and make sure to all share the vacancy within your network and on social media. This way the collaboration starts early in the process, which makes it a team effort instead of a solo ride.

When the vacancy is posted, it’s important to do the interviews and review the candidates together. But how do you go about that, since remote hiring has become the norm? A specialised video recruitment platform offers features that empower you to hire collaboratively with a full view of the candidate. This results in better matches, more efficiency, and a fairer candidate experience. For example, your selection process could start with automated interviews which candidates can do at a time it suits them. In Cammio your colleagues can easily review applicants of automated interviews and conduct scripted live interviews. This will help your team with structuring the interview and assessing every candidate based on a predetermined set of skills. Moreover, team members can easily join an interview or review the recordings. This way, Cammio provides a fair process to the candidate, but it also allows your team to easily hire collaboratively. Easy as that!