Insights on Enhancing Employee Onboarding Experience

Kindred Technology, in our role as a dedicated partner of Enboarder in South Africa, is pleased to share pivotal insights from Enboarder’s second annual employee connection survey. This comprehensive research provides invaluable perspectives on employee onboarding experience, engagement, and workplace connections.

Key Findings:

  • Connection in the Workplace: The survey, involving 900 employees from the U.S., U.K., and Australia, reveals a notable decline in the feeling of connection among co-workers, with only 42% of U.S. employees feeling very connected in 2023, down from 56% in 2022.
  • Authenticity in Engagement: A significant challenge in the employee onboarding experience is the authenticity of engagement programs. About one-third of employees refrain from participating in these programs due to their perceived inauthentic nature.
  • Valued Engagement Opportunities: In terms of enhancing the employee onboarding experience, the most beneficial engagement opportunities identified include peer learning (37%), career development (35%), diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) programs (28%), and mentorship (28%).
  • Return on Investment: The survey highlights the positive impacts of effective engagement programs on various business aspects like employer branding, productivity, employee retention, and revenue growth.
  • Regional Differences: The survey uncovered regional disparities, with Australian workers feeling the least connected and U.K. workers being less satisfied with their engagement programs compared to their U.S. counterparts.
  • Strategic Importance of Connection: Brent Pearson, CEO of Enboarder, stresses the importance of fostering a culture of connection and belonging, especially in enhancing the employee onboarding experience. This approach is vital for improving retention, engagement, productivity, and overall business strategy.

As advocates of superior employee onboarding experiences, Kindred Technology supports Enboarder’s initiative to prioritise human connection in the workplace. The complete report is accessible at Enboarder’s Website and offers an extensive guide for companies aiming to foster a more connected, engaged, and productive workforce.