How an applicant tracking system can supercharge your hiring process – and how to implement it for optimum benefit

Did you know that on average, talent acquisition professionals spend nearly a third of their time – about 13 hours a week – sourcing candidates for a single role? An applicant tracking system (ATS) can help you stay ahead of the competition by reducing time-to-hire, optimising the hiring process, enhancing collaboration, enabling data-driven decision-making, improving candidate experience and ensuring that you remain compliant with relevant regulations. An ATS can contribute a lot to your job of finding and hiring the best candidates for a given position while also relieving the messy burden of admin.

1. Everything you need to know in one centralised database

There’s a reason that 99% of Fortune 500 companies use an ATS. It serves as a centralised repository for all candidate-related information, including resumes, applications and communication history. Gone are the days of duplicated effort: it streamlines data management and ensures easy access for recruiters and hiring managers.

SmartRecruiters provides an accessible, centralised candidate database where all relevant information is stored.

2. Efficient and effective, it saves you time and money

By automating tasks like studying CVs, screening candidates and scheduling interviews, an ATS streamlines the recruitment process, allowing you to handle a higher volume of applications effectively. While the software does require an initial investment, it can save significant costs in the long run. Through automation and improved efficiency, you reduce both the time and resources spent on the hiring process.

SmartRecruiters’ platform offers automated workflows that simplify the hiring process, automating repetitive tasks to increase efficiency and save you time.

3. Enabling better collaboration via a single system

ATS platforms enable better collaboration among all stakeholders. Share candidate evaluations, interview feedback and notes within the system to enable more informed hiring decisions. An ATS also helps ensure compliance with hiring laws and regulations by maintaining a thorough and organised record of all interactions and hiring decisions.

SmartRecruiters’ collaborative tools promote collaboration between team members –recruiters, hiring managers, interviewers, etc – who can easily communicate and share information. It also emphasises compliance with hiring regulations and data security, which can be crucial in audits or legal situations.

4. Make informed decisions based on reliable data

An ATS’s comprehensive analytics and reporting capabilities provide valuable insights that enable you to measure the effectiveness of your recruitment process. Optimise your hiring strategies by analysing key performance indicators and making data-driven decisions.

SmartRecruiters’ platform’s analytics and reporting help you measure the effectiveness of your recruitment efforts and make informed hiring decisions.

5. Source new candidates and keep track of the ones you’ve already engaged with

ATS platforms often come with tools to source candidates from multiple channels, such as job boards, social media and employee referrals. They enable you to track the progress of candidates through different stages of the recruitment process, ensuring that no applicant is overlooked. Some ATS systems – such as SmartRecruiters’ – have features that allow recruiters to build and maintain talent pools of potential candidates for future openings. This proactive approach to talent acquisition can speed up future hiring processes and reduce time-to-fill.

Build and maintain talent pools of potential candidates for future openings with SmartRecruiters. This broadens your available options and increases your chances of finding the right candidates.

6. An easy candidate experience makes for a more receptive candidate

An astonishing 75% of people say they would turn down a job offer from a company with a bad reputation – even if they were currently out of work! Your employer brand is absolutely essential to your ability to attract and retain top talent. A well-designed ATS can contribute to a positive candidate experience so that no job seeker feels left behind.

With SmartRecruiters, applicants can easily submit their materials, receive updates on their application status and communicate with the hiring team. Forty-five percent of candidates report having been ghosted by a potential employer – don’t be one of them.

SmartRecruiters is an end-to-end talent acquisition platform that simplifies and enhances the recruitment process. As with any ATS, your actual success in achieving these objectives depends on how you implement and utilise the platform’s features to align with their specific recruitment goals and strategies. It’s important that you:

  1. Provide your people with comprehensive training to ensure they understand and use the ATS effectively.
  2. Centralise candidate data within the ATS to maintain consistency and avoid redundancy.
  3. Make use of automation features for tasks like going over CVs, candidate screening and interview scheduling to save time.
  4. Encourage collaboration by using the ATS’s communication and feedback tools for team members.
  5. Use the advanced search and filtering capabilities to quickly find top candidates and build talent pools for future positions.

SmartRecruiters’ ATS streamlines your hiring process with a centralised database, automated workflows and collaborative tools. Find top talent faster, make data-driven decisions and effortlessly ensure compliance. Simplify your recruitment, elevate candidate experiences and achieve success with SmartRecruiters. Please email for more information.