How to hire exceptional talent. From Home.

Video conferencing application, Zoom, saw over 200 million daily meeting participants during the month of March 2020, this is an increase of 190 million daily users since December 2019!

With most HR & Talent professionals making use of technology like Zoom to interview talent, we decided to take a deep dive into video conferencing apps and their suitability when used for recruitment.

WhatsApp, Skype and Zoom have been the global go-to when conducting interviews from home. They get the job done, but they lack the built-in functionality to deal with data privacy laws and protection of personal information when being used for interviewing candidates. As #WFH continues to become a way of life, make sure you dot the i’s and cross the t’s and have considered the unintended risk of off-the-shelf.

Integrate to cut out the admin

Integrating with your ATS or HR system means less admin and duplication. Integration means ease of reporting, a single source for your candidate activity and the seamless creation of talent pools. Video conferencing software does not integrate, meaning manual processes and human error. Choose video recruitment software that enables you to review and rate candidates, report on your recruitment activity and seamless cross over into your core HR systems.

Make sure your brand is front and centre

You are competing for talent; make sure your brand is always the hero. Video meeting applications get the job done but do not showcase your employer brand at all touchpoints. From video job descriptions, to interview invites, welcome videos and branded interview environments, your candidates can experience a personalised video interview experience that leaves them awestruck by the opportunity while understanding why your company is different.

Remote recruitment beyond live interviews

Video conferencing software is limited to live interview functionality. This is great when substituting the in-person sessions, but it does not solve all the challenges faced by recruitment teams. Video recruitment technology aims to create a candidate portfolio while saving time and creating an objective consistent, and collaborative recruitment processes. With functionality like video pitches, automated interviews, live panel interviews and built-in personality profiles, you can get a deeper understanding of the person behind the CV. Software like Cammio has also been designed to be accessible on any device, allowing recruiters, hiring managers and candidates to use smartphones, for the utmost convenience.

Hiring the best. Fast.

Recruitment teams are preoccupied with performance measurement. Cost, time and quality metrics are commonly bandied about the recruitment war-room. When you use a best of breed video recruitment software, nailing your metrics and reporting becomes easy. Recruiters can screen and assess more candidates in less time (even after hours), and get quick responses from reviewers and hiring managers, creating a collaborative way to recruit talent fast.

Talent won. Using video recruitment tech, candidates experience a personalised process that they won’t forget while showcasing employers as differentiated, savvy and forward-thinking. Don’t forget, if your recruitment process is stuck in the dark ages exceptional people will reject you r organisation.

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