Human Connection and the New World of Work

Strong employee relationships benefit both the individuals and the companies they work for, but what steps can be taken to nurture these relationships throughout the employee experience?
Brent Pearson
Guest speaker

Brent Pearson,

CEO & Founder of Enboarder
Kylie Speer
Hosted by

Kylie Speer


Emerging trends such as remote work, flexible hours, and the widespread employee turnover known as the “Great Resignation” have led to a sense of isolation and disengagement among employees. This disconnection crisis poses risks to employees’ sense of belonging, job satisfaction, engagement, and overall well-being.

Despite these challenges, in a competitive job market with changing workforce demographics, creating avenues for connection is precisely what organisations require to succeed. So, the question remains, how can these connections be nurtured throughout the employee journey?

The significance of connection is mutual for both employees and organisations. Recent studies have shown that workplaces that encourage interpersonal relationships are 5.4x more agile, 3.2x more likely to have content customers, and 2.3x more likely to have engaged employees.

Brent Pearson, the founder and CEO of Enboarder, will be joining us to discuss the latest industry research. He’ll share insights on how organisations can help employees feel more engaged with their work and how this enhances the company’s financial performance.

During this webinar, you'll gain insights on:

  • Current dynamics of the labour market
  • Strategies to help employees feel engaged with their work
  • The financial advantages of employee connection
  • The role of technology in improving the human experience and facilitating connections, regardless of the workplace setting - onsite, remote, or hybrid.
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