Ogilvy experience-driven onboarding journey

The advertising industry is notorious for churn. And, an award-winning advertising and communications agency such as Ogilvy not only has to locate and woo the best talent, but has to ensure that the world-class talent they find is retained. Of course, part of any employee retention strategy is to ensure a streamlined, professional onboarding process.
Ogilvy experienced many of the onboarding challenges that other large companies in South Africa face; onboarding was manual and labour intensive, it was inconsistent across departments and, with the onset of Covid, onboarding issues were exacerbated.

In 2019, Marissa Wild, Ogilvy’s National Head of Learning, Development and Change Management was introduced to Enboarder, TalentSmith’s experience driven onboarding partner. She saw the benefits immediately and decided her long search for an onboarding system that matched not only the needs of Ogilvy operationally, but also its culture and brand was over.

At the recent HR Innovation and Tech Fest, Marissa along with TalentSmith’s Verna Agenbag, Customer Success Lead presented Ogilvy’s Enboarder case study to attendees.

If you missed the conference, or were unable to attend the session you can watch the Ogilvy/Enboarder case study now and find out more about how Ogilvy turned their employee onboarding process around in just two months, creating happy managers, stakeholders and employees.

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