Only the best recruiters and tech will do

We’re loving Josh Bersin’s latest global research report on recruitment, which focuses on the importance of human-centred talent acquisition (TA). It’s what we believe in at TalentSmith – while we’re a technology-driven organisation and provider of globally recognised solutions, we recognise that people are key. Ultimately, as Bersin says, recruitment is a human-to-human business, and great recruiters find great people. It’s making sure you have the right technology behind you – tech that is simple, intuitive and easy to use – that helps to ensure an even better candidate experience and your ability to attract and retain great .

With this in mind, here are our top take-aways from the report.

Did you know that human-centred TA makes everything so much better? Seriously, the stats are incredible. Companies using the right recruitment strategies (and by this we mean focusing on great recruiters supported by great tech), are two times more likely to exceed their financial targets, five times more likely to keep customers happy and have a deep pipeline of talent, 15 times more likely to be a great place to work, 30 times more likely to engage and retain employees, 13 times more likely to adapt well to change and 35 times more likely to innovate effectively. As the report notes, when you have the right people, everything else gets better.

Talent acquisition in today’s age needs to “fire on all cylinders”. So, how do you achieve this?

Firstly, employees are looking for a future, not just a job. So make sure your organisation stands out from the rest by actively marketing your employee value proposition (EVP) – what makes you a better company to work for than your competitors?

As mentioned earlier, your recruiters, or your human-centric side to talent acquisition, are key to your success. But rather than making sure they’re in possession of attributes such as traditional sales skills, focus instead on characteristics such as empathy, collaboration, business acumen and adaptability. It’s with these that they’ll be able to quickly and easily assess an individual’s fit with the job, your team and your company.

Similarly, challenged with innovating in a constantly shifting environment, executives are now recognising the value of “powerskills” – team players who can communicate effectively, think critically, display a propensity to learn and problem solve, among others. Bersin believes these are increasingly important to an organisation’s success.

Finally, we come back to the supporting task of technology, which is key to strengthening the role of your recruiters and your talent pipeline. Research shows that virtual hiring tools, automation, talent intelligence platforms, AI and chatbots do drive key metrics such as your ability to attract and hire great candidates. At the end of the day, it’s all about creating a great experience for your potential new hires, and you can’t go much wrong with the right recruiters supported by phenomenal tech.

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