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We don’t stop at world-class recruitment technology. We break the talent tech mold by blending global industry experience with local insight to successfully tap into the complex talent landscape.

Our full-scale service is to build, design and help your talent team implement our solutions for guaranteed success.

Customer success

We follow the IDEAL project approach to ensure every project is well run and professionally executed. And as with everything that we do, we also make sure it’s an enjoyable, creative and transformative process for every member of your team.

We manage the implementation first-hand and are your single point of call throughout the customer success programme. Our close relationships with our Technology Partners allow us to effectively advise on best practice and technical specifications, manage all support requests and escalations in person, and unlock any complexities you may encounter along the way.

Account management


Post-implementation of our partner technology, our high touch client team will continue to support you with training and coaching, to increase technology adoption and enhance user knowledge and usage through frequent sessions, in line with your project goals and objectives.

We see ourselves as an extension of your team throughout the lifetime use of the technology and will coordinate quarterly reviews to unpack the system metrics and optimise stakeholder engagement.

Support services 

In our experience, organisations rarely consider all the project challenges and dependencies before launch. Our value-added services provide a blend of unique strategies to optimise your time, money and resources. These include programme prototyping, design-thinking and technology configuration, through a surge capacity team that at its heart understands technology and talent.

We’ve put together some common scenarios to help you choose the service most suitable for your needs.

We provide extended capacity to manage the implementation and initial period of technology rollout through to steady-state. We’ll help you launch quickly and professionally, coordinating all processes and change management while supporting the short-term technology requirements of your team.

What’s involved?

• Project management of implementation
• One-one-one engagement and consulting
• Configuration of technology instance
• First-line support for your talent team
• Tech training and skills development
• On-the-job support and shadowing
• Access to demo sessions and information packs to assist with internal stakeholder communication
• Customisation or development of software for phase 1 rollout
• Ongoing system reviews and optimisation

Our managed service solutions provide you with an in-house tech ‘champion’ or administrator, who will take care of all your implementation, daily operational and maintenance needs of the technology, for a 12-month period. They’ll make sure your tech runs smoothly, make changes where needed, and continually enhance and improve it to meet your changing requirements.

This service provides a full end-to-end solution to launch, support and scale your new HR technology.

What’s involved?

• Implementation support as defined in Surge Capacity
• Dedicated in-house tech champion for daily operations and system administration
• Launching users in the software and management of the escalation process
• Execute updates, enhancements and additional use-cases of the platform
• Weekly / monthly status reporting

Additional services can be provided to help clients with content, design or translation support, should these not be available within your business.

Our in-house design team can provide various creative solutions to create strong brand visualisation. These include imagery selection, digital and collateral design, infographic and data visualisations, animation, character design and more.

Copy writing:
To deliver the most impactful message, our writing team will assist with crafting the right copy and content – helping to provide insights, clarity and connections for your business.

Translation service:
Professional translation and localisation of any document in any format across 89 languages.


Let’s set up a demo.


Let’s set up a demo.