Revolutionising recruitment: four game-changing impacts of video interviews

Video interviewing is revolutionising the way companies approach the recruitment process. Available technology continues making leaps and bounds, and with a hiring squeeze impacting multiple sectors, you need more effective, efficient and inexpensive hiring practices. Many organisations are therefore turning to video interviews to screen and select candidates: in 2021, Indeed found that 82% of employers conduct virtual interviews – and that number is growing.

Let AI streamline your candidate evaluation process

AI can analyse non-verbal cues to reveal a candidate’s personality, confidence, and cultural fit.

A dynamic remote interviewing platform like Cammio offers AI-powered video analysis. By gauging facial expressions, body language and tone of voice, it can provide you with valuable insights into a candidate’s suitability for a particular role. This helps you make more informed decisions during the screening process and ensure that candidates with the right skills and cultural fit are selected.

Video interviews can also incorporate additional assessment tools, enabling a comprehensive evaluation of candidates’ skills and abilities. This enhanced assessment process leads to more informed hiring decisions and reduces the risk of making costly recruitment mistakes.

Anytime, anywhere

For both candidates and recruiters, the convenience of video interviewing is a no-brainer.

Traditional recruitment processes involving in-person interviews limit the candidate pool to those who can travel to the company’s location, while video interviewing enables organisations to connect with talent worldwide.

For candidates, video interviews offer convenience, eliminating the need for travel and allowing for scheduling flexibility. Some may feel less stressed during video interviews – being in a familiar environment can help them feel more relaxed and confident, potentially improving their performance. And 83% of job seekers view employers who use video interviews as innovative.

Time- and cost-efficient

Video interviews are six times faster than phone interviews! The time to hire can be reduced by as much as half, making your hiring strategy far more competitive and giving you first crack at the top candidates.

Recruiting can be a time-consuming and expensive endeavour, particularly when multiple rounds of interviews are involved. Traditional interviews mean scheduling candidates, reserving meeting rooms and ensuring everyone involved is available at the same time – and when is that ever the case?

Video interviewing streamlines the process, eliminating scheduling conflicts and the need for travel arrangements. Conducting initial screening interviews using video allows you to evaluate candidates more efficiently. By automating and accelerating the early stages of the recruitment process, video interviewing saves valuable time and resources for both recruiters and candidates.

Diversify your talent

Being able to interview globally vastly increases and diversifies your talent pool, bringing fresh perspectives and skills to the table.

Video interviewing gives you greater access to global talent and lets you conduct remote interviews with job seekers from around the world.

With a feature-rich platform like Cammio, you can even conduct live interviews with candidates in different time zones, breaking the barriers of traditional recruitment practices.

Cammio offers a range of features that make the hiring process even more efficient – create customised interview workflows, add pre-recorded interview questions, assessments and personalised branding. It provides automated candidate tracking and evaluation tools, making it easier to compare and shortlist candidates based on specific criteria.

The rise of video interviewing in recruitment is a testament to its effectiveness and efficiency. By leveraging platforms like Cammio, organisations can streamline their hiring processes, reduce time-to-hire and reach a wider pool of diverse candidates. As technology continues to advance, we can expect video interviewing to become an integral part of the recruitment landscape, transforming the way we approach talent acquisition.

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