Empower, engage, and educate your employees

With our employee experience platform, we help you get the best out of your business and your people.


SkillsTown is the new way of engaging and learning, delivered in one, easy to use, employee experience platform.

So much more than just a training tool, it’s guaranteed to excite your people, drive a passion for lifelong learning, and enable you and your organisation to keep up with the demands of the ever-changing world of today.

Employee experience – delivered.

Fully personalised and user friendly

Fully customisable to your company look and feel, with a straightforward, modern interface and advanced, Google-like search capabilities.

Variety of content options

Create and add your own organisation or industry-specific content, or integrate existing content. Alternatively access 300+ SkillsTown courses, with new content being added all the time. 

Different learning types

Let your people choose the learning solution that suits them best, from e-learning, video feedback and webinars, to recording your own podcasts or five-minute essentials.

Knowledge sharing 

Easily live stream events and Teams meetings, and save in a central repository for employees to access when needed.

Effective event management

Schedule and manage events such as staff training, in one, easily accessible place.

Design your own journeys

Bundle training courses together to create your own learning journeys, suited to your specific needs.


Use our assessment modules to get a better idea of the strengths and weaknesses of your employees, and assign self-development tasks for them to complete.

Measure your employee engagement

Our built-in employee behaviour dashboard provides useful insights and statistics, allowing you to continually monitor progress and pivot when necessary.

Go to town with your employees, take them to SkillsTown!

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