Enboarder works with Vodafone on their digital-first onboarding

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The Problem

Pre-COVID, Vodafone’s onboarding was condensed into a one-day induction that happened in-person in their physical offices.

They were doing plenty right – like involving people across the business and the senior leadership team, facilitating networking and sharing key beacons like their purpose, values and strategy.

But they knew they could do more.

They wanted to expand and enhance the onboarding journey. Create more excitement amongst new starters and offer greater support to managers. As the process involved so many different stakeholders, it was beginning to feel fragmented across departments.

COVID was the catalyst for change – and working from home was the perfect opportunity to transform their onboarding. For good.

The Solution

Vodafone didn’t just want to recreate in-person onboarding – they wanted to use Enboarder to completely revamp.

The first thing was to break onboarding into digestible chunks – like introducing a series of leadership-led webinars instead of induction-day speaking slots (which leaders loved as the flexibility worked better with their busy schedules).

Vodafone extended onboarding into a comprehensive journey starting from 28-days before Day 1 and continuing for 90-days.

They created workflows tailored for different new hires – like graduates, who needed longer-term support for job rotations, and people managers, who needed guidance around managing remotely.

Creating connection and cementing culture were two of Vodafone’s main priorities, to make sure remote onboarding didn’t feel remote.

Using Enboarder’s workflows to create a buddy system was a big hit, and integrating Jamboard created digital communities where new starters could connect (and eat the biscuits from their mailed-out goodie bags, if they hadn’t already…)

Personalization was another key principle for Vodafone, empowering new starters to self-serve more info about topics that interest them – and tailoring future content to be relevant.

The final piece of the puzzle was constant feedback – from surveys to check-ins – to understand how onboarding could evolve. Enboarder makes adding new content, making changes, or introducing new workflows simple so keeping pace with employee needs was easy.

The Results

Happier new starters, happier line managers and happier senior leaders!

As a leading tech company, Vodafone now have a digital-first onboarding journey that better reflects their forward-thinking brand and business. Everyone’s happy.

“We’d hope to reintroduce some face-to-face interaction in the future but the principles around making onboarding easy, digital, relevant and personal are definitely something we’re going to keep – and evolve more with Enboarder,” explains Vodafone’s Digital Designer – Learning & Development, Ellie Oretti.

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