TalentSmith tells us why fit-for-purpose beats generic when it comes to video recruitment

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I think it’s fair to say that 2020 can officially be declared as the year of video conferencing. Everyone, from elementary school teachers to grandparents and students, have spent at least a few hours talking to colleagues, business partners or loved ones via a virtual video connection. If you haven’t installed a video conference proof corner in your living room by now (you know – with good lighting, a neat background and double chin eliminating laptop positioning), you really must have lived under a rock so far.

As a recruiter, who was suddenly challenged to hire new colleagues remotely, applying these newly acquired or recently perfected skills to your conversations with candidates through your familiar tools might be the obvious choice. Well think twice, because using generic video conferencing tools for video recruitment is like going on a mountain hike wearing your flip-flops – you could do it, but it’s just not that convenient. Nor pleasant! You get the point: fit-for-purpose beats generic in video recruitment, every time!

Video recruitment is more than live video conversations

When you cannot meet candidates in person it makes sense to take things online. While live video interviews are of course a handy application of the medium video in the recruitment process, it is just the tip of the iceberg. Video can be used to accompany your candidate throughout the entire talent journey, making the process more personal, fair and efficient.

Imagine approaching candidates with a personalised video message on LinkedIn, where you point them to your video vacancies featuring future colleagues, who explain the job responsibilities. The candidates could replace their motivational letter with a video pitch that captures their true motivation to apply for the job. All candidates can get the chance to introduce themselves via an automated video interview, making pre-screening and selecting much more efficient. The applications of video in the recruitment process are endless, and a dedicated video recruitment platform will make them easily available to you. This in turn, will enable you to create tailored processes for any time zone, level of seniority and interview stage.

A fit-for-purpose solution ensures data privacy

During the recruitment process, you collect a lot of personal data from your candidates. Making sure that all of this data is processed and stored in accordance with data privacy laws such as EU-GDPR and POPIA is vital. Generic video conferencing solutions do not offer a built-in solution to support you in this matter. A tool that is built for recruitment however, observes the highest technical and organisational standards, allowing you to meet candidates and make recordings of your conversations in a secured environment and with their explicit consent.

Consistent employer brand all the way

Almost everyone has recently worked with Zoom, Teams, Skype etc., so surely, your candidates will find their way around the software. But how cool would it be if they were welcomed by your branding from start to finish during the recruitment process? A customised interview environment is only possible when using a fit-for-purpose video recruitment solution.

Structure: the recruiter’s weapon against unconscious bias

Reducing unconscious bias is a goal many professionals in talent acquisition and recruitment aim for, and structure is one of the best means to reduce it. Generic video conferencing solutions do not offer features and tactics to structure interviews, simply because it is not their area of expertise. From a dedicated video recruitment provider you can expect some extra support in making fair hiring decisions, such as in the form of scripts that keep live video interviews structured, keeping the set of questions in automated interviews the same for all candidates applying for the same role or with AI powered insights.

Conveniently integrated for maximum efficiency

Most organisations that hire on a regular basis work with an ATS or HRS. On top of that you might also be using personality tests, game-based assessments, IQ tests or other assessment software to assist you in the recruitment decision making process. Dedicated video recruitment providers not only have a broad network in the HR field, they also often offer integrated processes. This will allow you to gather all candidate data in one easily accessible system.

Teamwork makes the dream work

When it comes to collaborative hiring, a recording functionality that also takes care of the candidate’s legal consent is very important. Automated video interviews as well as recorded live interviews make it easy to involve hiring managers and future team members in the selection process, ultimately resulting in a perfect match!

Did these points make you curious about the possibilities of a fit-for-purpose video recruitment solution? In other words – are you ready to trade in your flip-flops for some proper hiking gear to climb Mt. Recruitment?

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