Unlock the key to employee engagement and long term loyalty

If you’re wondering how best to hold on to your top talent, look no further than the human connection.

According to McKinsey, 46% of workers cite an unmet desire to work with people who trust and care for each other, as a reason to quit.
Our tech partner Enboarder and RedThread Research confirms just how critical the human connection is to businesses – according to their recent report, organisations with more connection are 5.4 times more likely to be agile, 3.2 times more likely to have satisfied customers, and 2.3 times more likely to have engaged employees.

Here are our three top tips to creating human connection in the workplace and how the right tech can help.

1. It’s about belonging

Now that many employees are working remotely, 60% say spontaneous interactions with peers and co-workers is what they miss the most, while two-thirds believe their work relationships have the biggest impact on helping them feel connected.
As leaders, this means it’s time to start prioritising workplace connections, whether it’s bringing your people together or acknowledging those moments that matter (like birthdays and personal achievements). With a tech solution like Enboarder it doesn’t matter if your employees are office or home based, it’s easy for everyone to get the same experience and level of connection by using automated workflows and prompts for your managers to act on.

2. Dazzle your new recruits

Up to 20% of new hires leave within the first 45 days of joining a company, so it’s essential you start building a connection with them from the very beginning.

Use Enboarder to send out highly personalised, timely and bite-sized communications to new hires, and take a deep dive into what really makes them tick. Find out what their favourite cup of java is for example, and surprise them with it on their first day. Showing that you care and you’re listening to them from day one will ensure employees remain engaged, motivated and loyal to the cause.

3. Give your managers the tools they need to succeed

Great managers engage their people to achieve outstanding results. However, not every team is led by a great manager, which is why they account for at least 70% of variation in the employee experience.

Managers are the first impression of your organisation, so it’s essential to make them shine. Help them drive action one automated nudge at a time so they look good no matter what. Whether its reminders about having regular check-ins, giving feedback or sharing praise, Enboarder makes being a manager, well, that much more manageable!

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