WEBINAR: Ask Me Anything: Remote Work

Worried about keeping your employees engaged remotely? Watch our webinar to learn how to get it right from a seasoned expert.

For most of us, this is the first time we’ve ever had to work remotely full time – and some of us are adapting more easily than others. Whether you’re looking for ideas to engage your employees, support your leaders, or maintain company culture and values from afar, join Enboarder for an Ask Me Anything: Remote Work session.

This is your chance to see the WFH pro give you the knowledge to successfully communicate, engage, and support while working remotely.

The Speaker

Rupert is a seasoned recruiter, who has spent the last 7 years helping start-ups, scale-ups, global brands, and design agencies build out their product, design, and UX teams. Since September 2018, he’s been recruiting solely for partially distributed or all-remote organisations.

Right now he’s working for GitLab, the largest all-remote company in the world!

What You’ll Learn
What are some tips and tricks to keep your employees productive while working remotely?
How do you manage highly complex or emotionally charged conversations when people aren’t face to face?
What should HR and business leaders be doing to support and enable their remote workers?
How frequently should we communicate with our teams?