Your EX Shouldn’t Slip Just Because You’re Not in the Office

Many organizations have spent the past two weeks transitioning from their regular in-office routines to having their entire workforces work remotely for the foreseeable future.

It’s a monumental shift, made all the more challenging by the fact that it was unprecedented, unpredictable and unplanned.

There’s a sink or swim mentality at the moment and we’re here to let you know that you haven’t been thrown in the deep end without a floaty. We’ve heard you and we’re going to make sure you and your employees don’t just stay afloat – you thrive. We’re going to turn your organizations into swimming remote working superstars.

With entire organizations now working from home, sometimes for the very first time, putting your people first is more important than ever. Let’s stop viewing this as a roadblock and start seeing it in a positive light – this is the perfect opportunity to master how we build and maintain human connections from afar…and drive engagement and productivity as a result!

But, won’t remote work decrease engagement, connection and productivity?

There’s a common fear amongst executives that working in remote teams can decrease engagement and human connection, which inevitably leads to lower productivity.

We understand their cause for concern. Companies with high disengagement and loneliness experience higher absenteeism, more accidents and lower profitability.

Human connection is the key

The need for human connection has never been greater. Even before we found ourselves in our current circumstances, 91% of workers admitted they were looking to feel closer to their work colleagues and nearly 85% of workers wanted to feel more connected to their remote colleagues.

At Enboarder, we strongly believe this still needs to be your primary focus. Human connection isn’t just great for your employees, it’s great for the business.

People with strong friendships at work are 7x more likely to be engaged in their jobs, are better at engaging customers, produce higher-quality work, have higher well being and are less likely to get injured on the job. It’s a win, win!

How can we help?

Sure, right about now we could start listing ideas on how to build and maintain human connection while working remotely, turn off our computers and leave you to navigate this new world on your own.

But that’s not the Enboarder way. Of course we took it a step further.

We know there is a huge difference between theory and practice, and it isn’t always easy translating words on a page into meaningful action that drives human connection.

So our expert team has poured over the research and built a remote working best practice workflow that’s available for free to all of our customers.

What’s in it?

Manager coaching

Managing a remote team is not a skill we all have. For many managers, this is the first time they’ve ever had to manage a team outside of the office and it can be a difficult challenge to navigate.

We’ve purposely designed our workflow with information and resources on how to effectively manage a remote team, and built in nudges for managers to make sure they’re continuing to engage with their employees.

Regular check-ins

Maintaining connections has never been more important than it is right now. With an entirely remote organization it can be incredibly challenging to make time for regular catch-up calls. But it’s crucial that organizations understand how everyone is feeling, what challenges they’re facing and how you can alleviate some of their problems.

That’s why we’ve built in regular check-in surveys for both managers and employees, making it super easy to gauge how they’re feeling while working remotely with escalations for immediate action if necessary.

Resources for employees

Working from home is an entirely new concept for a majority of the workforce. From setting up an at-home workspace to managing their time and productivity, we understand that this is a whole new ball game for most employees – and one they weren’t necessarily prepared for.

To help you set up your employees for remote work success, we’ve included tips and resources on how to make the most of working remotely. We’ve built in ideas and prompts to help them break out of their day-to-day and stay connected with the wider organization.

Our Remote Work Best Practice Workflow is available for free to all of our customers.